Greenfield Grooming Salon in Pittsburgh

Where your furry friends become fabulous!


Your pets deserve the pampering of a lifetime, and that’s exactly what we deliver at our locally and family-owned pet haven right here in Pittsburgh.

With over 35 years of experience, we’ve mastered the art of transforming your furry and feathered friends into the best versions of themselves.

More than just groomers; we’re genuine pet lovers!

At Greenfield Grooming Salon in Pittsburgh, we treat every tail-wagger and whisker-twitcher like family. Whether your fur baby is a dog, a cat, a guinea pig, a bird, or other exotic friend, we’ve got the skills to make them feel and look their absolute best.

From fluffy haircuts to soothing baths, nail trims, and everything in between, our range of grooming services covers all the essentials. We believe in tailoring our approach to suit each pet’s unique personality and needs. After all, every fur coat is as unique as a fingerprint!

But we’re more than just a grooming salon. Need a safe and loving place for your pup to spend the day? Our doggie day care is the answer.

Why choose Greenfield Grooming Salon in Pittsburgh?

We’re locally owned and family-owned

We’re deeply rooted in the Pittsburgh community, and your pets become part of our extended family.

We’re passionate and experienced

With over three decades of grooming expertise, we know how to make tails wag and feathers flutter with joy.

We groom all breeds…and all kinds!

Dogs, cats, guinea pigs, birds, and exotics – we cater to all your pets’ grooming needs under one roof
Ready to treat your pets to a day of indulgence and care?

Schedule an appointment with Greenfield Grooming Salon and watch your pets strut out with tails held high and a twinkle in their eyes.

All Breed Dog Grooming

Shedding Management

Nail Clipping

Dog day care

Stress-Free Individual attention for each dog

Desensitizing dogs to grooming sessions

Flea, medicated, and fur-whitening baths

Schedule an appointment for your pet’s grooming needs today!

We love your pets as much as you do, and it shows!

Making animals feel happy is our passion, and we excel at treating them with care while providing creative dog grooming. We do it all to keep you and your pet pleased. At Greenfield Grooming Salon in Pittsburgh, your satisfaction (and your pet’s) is guaranteed!